New Beginnings

Wecome to the new and improved!

We've come a long way since the simple HTML code from the 1990's! This represents the third major renovation to my personal home on the web and the second at my home

Circa 1999, my father, Joe DiMaggio, acquired domains for all of his kids. Donated by JED Products, we've had a niche on the web ever since.

What's Inside?

I make no promises about the quality of the pages that follow. I'll try to keep things fresh and exciting. With my family, that shouldn't be tough.

Latest Updates

  • NOV 23, 2014
    Time to Refresh

    Lots of new things in my life. New hobby: Uncle John's Trains. New girlfriend: Dr. Christine Talmage. New domain manager: ME! Dad turned hosting responsibilities over to me last month and for the first time I have 100% control and ownership of my site (including the bill!)

  • JUL 22, 2012
    Ideas Brewing

    I'm still working on new ideas for the site. I'm researching photo galleries. I need to add in-laws and friends, too. suggestions always welcome!

  • DEC 29, 2011
    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all! I was blessed with a visit from Mom; her husband, Mike, my brother Dom, sister-in-law Cassidy, their kids Mikey and Ivy, my sister Liz, and her husband, Levi. We had fun and tons of food. The house seems empty without them.

  • NOV 15, 2011
    Beta Testing Begins

    Just got the site started. Found a template I like (go-figure, it has light bulbs). Soon I'll be filling in all the content. Then, hopefully I'll be able to experiment with some new photo galleries.

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